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wedding dresses.

Tigermoth creates luxury bespoke & ready to wear wedding dresses. Exquisitely handcrafted, using the most lavish materials from custom embroideries to star spangled celestial embellishment.
Our debut collection is launching April 2021.


Bespoke Wedding Dresses London

We'll take you through a creative journey to develop a truly one of a kind wedding dress which is entirely unique to you.

Our designers will work closely with you to develop every detail of your wedding dress. We’ll draw inspiration from your personality and your passions. We’ll begin sourcing, from bohemian laces to beading and embellishment, to fluid and whafty silks to create a wedding dress which will be handcrafted to perfection. For more information on the bespoke design process please email us on info@tigermothlondon.com.

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